Kelseys Pics

7 02 2009


me and bffls… can u find me?




me in the kitchen



me and kaitlyn at the water park



my first webkinz… im so excited!



16 01 2009

Hello veiwers this is Sarah I have a website called

Please visit it as much as you visit here and please leave comments. Bye.

No Geckos

20 10 2008

I am so upset after we told the people who were selling us the geckos that we were going to pick them up in a week they sold them.I can’t belive it my mom and I were mad and my dad was disappointed.I am so upset I loved those geckos so much.


Kelly they were real Geckos


           -Sarah (the sad geckoless girl)

My hamster dissapeared.

14 10 2008

my hamster, Izzy a.k.a Hammi my fav pet other than my dogs just dissapeared and i dont have any idea wear she could be. I am crying as hard as i can writing this right now, so tonight I am going to put cheese all around the house tonight. I miss that lil’ hammi so much, and I think she might have crawled in my basement and died. I MISS HER!!!! *heeh heeh heeh sniffle sniffle* 😦 😥 😦 😥 WAAAA!!! MY NOSE IS ALL RED AND MY FACE IS WET WITH TEARS. I WISH HAMMI WAS HERE CRAWLING BACK AND FORTH ON MY HANDS… 😥 *sniffle sniffle* *cough* 😦 HELP ME WITH IDEAS ON HOW TO FIND HER!!!

have a sad day… i guess,


I am getting 2 new geckos!!!!!!!!

12 10 2008

Hi webkinzparlor viewers I am getting 2 new leapord geckos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One is a boy the other is a girl!!!!!!!!!!!

I need help naming them so please tell me a girls name and a boys name.

Please remember be creative and don’t say names like spot.

okay well name away!!!!!!!!


Kelsey made a new site!

4 10 2008

heyy its kelsey from! i still work there!!! ok so here:

I made an awesome new cool site about ME!!!!!! Its a piczo. Heres the link: go there! (dont click the link type it in, the link doesnt work.)


much luvins,


Ps. only Siiba goes on! c’ mon everyone! its a really cool site and you are missing out!

My First Ever Youtube Video! Leave a comment on there if you have a Youtube account!

21 09 2008

Thanks! Hope you like it! Leave a comment there if you have a Youtube account (nothing rude, this video was made by a bunch of kids with a cheap camera lol)! 🙂